Emboss your Company Logo into Leather Goods

Are you looking for a personal, high quality and effective way to market your brand to your customers? Imagine your logo embossed into premium leather goods as a branding tool for your company. What a way to impress a first-class brand image into the marketplace! Leather Couture offers custom logo embossing on a plethora of leather goods, such as promotional bracelets, apparel labels, invitations, thank you notes, and more. Leather Couture has worked Hudson Jeans, Michael Grimm Music, Downtown Project (special events) and Sambalatte to create clever and personalized leather marketing collateral.

Let Leather Couture emboss your logo into leather!

At Leather Couture our manufacturing facility is in-house. This means that not only do we produce our own goods, we offer manufacturing services like embossing leather products with YOUR company logo! 


A business license is required to receive wholesale pricing for these services.