About Us

About the Brand

Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo is an avant-garde, luxury leather line of impeccably handcrafted accessories and handbags. 
Each work from Leather Couture is handcrafted and assembled in processes that can take anywhere from several hours to several days to produce. The designer, Jessica Galindo, hand-selects treasures she connects to and that reflect her aesthetic. Following her successful fine art career, education from FIDM and career in wardrobe styling, Jessica Galindo launched Leather Couture as the love child of her two passions, art and fashion. While attending college in 2000 and freelancing as a budding wardrobe stylist, the designer began handcrafting leather accessories for clients’ outfits when she was unable to find the bold, unique statement pieces she envisioned. After seeing the success of her designs, she launched Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo in her native city of Las Vegas.

Every piece is created from various leathers, creating an infinite number of variations in finish and detail. Its bold accessories line, which launched in 2008, has grown from each piece being single-handedly made by the designer in her garage, to selling in various retail locations, gaining a vast online presence, to partnerships with brands like Zappos and Hudson Jeans, to the opening a brick & mortar. The handcrafted line of cuffs, rings, neckwear and handbags reflect eccentric and timeless inspiration from contemporary arts to the runways of Paris.

About the Artist

A third generation Las Vegas native, Jessica Galindo has taken her love for aesthetics and transformed it into a unique signature style that clients crave! Raised by a single mother who paved a successful path in real estate, Jessica was taught early on the lessons of business and relationships.

When asked what she wanted to do after high school, Jessica jumped at the chance to pursue her love of fashion and all things aesthetic, by attending fashion school. With the love and support of her mother, she was able to move to Los Angeles and attend FIDM; graduating with a degree in merchandising and marketing.

During this time in L.A., 18-year-old Jessica worked waiting tables at a local restaurant, where she offered to improve the aesthetics by personally painting several pieces to adorn the walls of the restaurant. Upon completion of the pieces, Jessica organized and hosted an art reception at the restaurant, inviting friends, family and restaurant patrons. This event led to sales of the art pieces and established Jessica as the resident artist. 

With newfound acceptance, Jessica continued to paint on the side and sell her paintings to the general public. It was also during this time that Jessica made her first business cards promoting herself as a wardrobe stylist. After distributing several cards, she secured her first client. While dressing this client for a special event, Jessica was missing the appropriate jewelry piece to complete the outfit, so she took a scrap of random leather from her studio and created her very first hot pink wrist cuff. Her client loved it so much she ordered several more for her friends. This would be the start of Leather Couture by Jessica Galindo.

After graduation and a couple years of creative artistry, 23-year-old Jessica returned to Las Vegas and continued selling her paintings at various festivals, fundraisers and events. After many clients and lots of unique pieces, this artist had the support to open her first store at Container Park, which led to massive successes like collaborations with Hudson Jeans, the Life is Beautiful Festival, commissioned artworks by Nordstrom Department Store and it was also the beginning of a dedicated and personal clientele.

Jessica refined her artistry with unique self-taught leather work that would pave the way for her signature look. She had storefronts at Downtown Container Park and Downtown Summerlin and after acquiring an international clientele, Jessica decided to take her company to the next level by expanding to an online market, where her success, clientele and creativity continue to thrive.