The T-Shirt Collection Scarves


T-Shirt Collection Scarf, various colors. Available in store, $149.00 thru January. Marked down from $189.00

Let's start off with the T-SHIRT COLLECTION name... It's cheeky, well supposed to be cheeky. It's luxurious ultra suede leather, obviously not a t-shirt, and not to be worn as a t-shirt (well unless you want to! Post some pics if you rock it!) but rather to be thought of as your most comfortable, versatile, "I LOVE THIS AND I WANT TO WEAR IT EVERYDAY" scarf. That's all we mean.

These are really versatile and can be worn a mulitude of ways- over the side of your shoulder, you can swing it around the back and wear as a "capelet" and wear a rad necklace in the front, or rock the snaps in the front. You can can even wear some of the scarves (depending on the cut) around your waist... (see above blurry pic of me, by my friend Todd V.)

Oh yeah, even more great news about this scarf, each is fitted with a snap closure, all the better for easy snap on, snap off wear!

So that's all about the T-Shirt Collection Scarves. Come try one on at my new store, we just opened in Container Park, 707 E Fremont Street. We'll play dress up, and maybe you'll even leave with a scarf <3. (and where it as a t-shirt, haha)

*Would like to credit the beautiful Savannah and Alli Hart for letting me photograph them in my scarves:) 




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  • I love love love mine and so many people ask all the time where I got it and who the designer is. I’m so happy t say its handmade. Thank you for making clothing I can feel good about buying that is stylish and fun to wear.

    Jana Cruder

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